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Source : Cassette -> MP3   Released: 1991   Company: Independent

Funkasaurus was a Toronto based Funk band which was formed by Gary Gottlieb and Phil Provart out of the ashes of their former High School band After Hours. This is their first release. The band was restructured after this album with only Gottlieb and Provart remaining in the lineup.

Band Members:
Derek Cochrane - Sax and Vocals
Gary Gottlieb - Guitar and Vocals
Steve King - Lead Vocals
Russ Meissner - Drums
Phil Provart - Bass

1. Funkasaurus   3:56   
2. L-O-V-E   4:21   
3. Mr.Big   4:27   
4. All For One   5:03   
5. Thunder And Lightning   3:38   
6. Apple Tree   5:24   
Total Time: 26:46

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