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Hip Song Of The Day Files

Source : Various   Released: Feb 10 2006 - June 6 2008   Company:

The Hipbase Live Hip Archive is a truly awesome resource - a bit chaotic in places but so much amazing material - Between February 10 2006 and June 6 2008 David Bastedo hand picked 323 Tragically Hip Song Of The Day files and posted them on The Hip's website. Most are single songs from all different places and years. There are also a couple full shows. All these files can be found on the Hipbase Live Hip Archive in FLAC format but I decided to upload a file of these songs converted to mp3 and all in one folder for anyone interested. It is a pretty awesome instant mix of amazing sounding live tracks for anyone wanting to check it out. I recommend putting them all in one Playlist and hit shuffle for just over 30 hours of awesomeness.